insurance note

If you are hoping to use your insurance to pay for medical nutrition therapy, please do not assume you have coverage. Unfortunately most Florida plans only cover medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and kidney disease diagnoses. However, some plans have limited visits, such as Cigna typically pay for three visits/calendar year, and thereafter the patient pays out-of-pocket for subsequent sessions. If you are not covered for medical nutrition therapy for your diagnosis, then payment is out-of pocket, regardless of whether or not the provider takes your insurance.

To find out if you have coverage, call your insurance company, give them your insurance ID#, ask if you have benefits for medical nutrition therapy, and tell them your diagnosis and diagnosis code:

  • anorexia nervosa/F50.01 (restricting type) or F50.02 (binge eating/purging type);
  • bulimia nervosa/F50.2; or
  • EDNOS/F50.9 (eating disorder, unspecified; which covers the spectrum of disordered eating that is not AN or BN and includes binge eating disorder [BED]).

If you have benefits for medical nutrition therapy, also ask them for how many visits, and what is your copay or coinsurance. Please take these steps before calling Jeannie’s office to make an appointment, as it is the most efficient way to begin working together.

Jeannie is a Cigna provider in the state of Florida.